Monday, February 22, 2010

Measuring each other!

We've been looking at different sizes of things at Kindy this week, like the pictures of our sunflowers and labelling them with words to describe their size.

At mat time one day we played a new game, measuring yourselves!!

Lorraine called you up and you all had to stand in a row while the children on the mat helped to sort you out into the shortest to the tallest!

After that we placed your magnetic face by the right sized sunflower!
You can see the sunflowers and your faces on the magnetic board behind!

Flowers from our garden

Our garden has grown some very pretty asters.
Ashton helped pick some of them for us to have in the kindy.

Sasha, Eli and Olivia spent a lot of time and care arranging the flowers for the tables.

Pretty tricky getting those stems into the narrow vases.

Sharing the flowers between three vases took some negotiation too!

Now...where shall I put this vase!

They look good on the sign in table, Sasha.

Many thanks!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eating yummy things from our garden.

Look, Laith has spotted some juicy, ripe red tomatoes!

Ishwari has collected those yummy tomatoes, along with some long green beans.

Time to try our home grown veggies at morning tea time!
Fraser, you liked them so much that you came back for seconds!

Eashaan, you were very keen to have a try too...

 told me they were "Yummy".
I'm not sure if I believe you!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sunflowers in our garden

Look how lush our garden is now!
Can you see the butterfly on Toyah's hand?

We cut off three of our sunflower heads so that we could really study the interesting seed patterns.

We got out the magnifying glasses and some pencils and paper to draw what we could see.

Juliette's butterfly landed on our remaining sunflower!

Can you see the bumble bee in the middle?