Saturday, January 8, 2011

Portrait painting continues

Maddie (4) showing Jamie (3) how to take a photo of her work.

After the success of the portrait painting and exhibition the children have continued to paint portraits. This time with very little help or supervision from any adults. Now the children know the process they confidently proceed on their own. We help only by putting their photo onto the screen and by putting paint onto the telephone book pallettes as necessary.

A new development has been for children to have their photos taken with a friend and paint their portraits together.

Some have stopped at the drawing stage - enjoying the black outline look!

Spring planting for our Kindy Garden

After giving our kindy garden a rest for the winter it was time to restock it again. So a group of children set off with Lorraine and Megan to the garden centre. They came back with lettuces, strawberry plants, beans, tomatoes, zinnia's and red silver beet.

Portrait puppets

When our portraits were finished we made them into a book. One day we had the idea to print off the photo of the portrait, cut it out an laminate it , turning it into a puppet.

The children really enjoyed their puppet portraits and they can be see used in many situations around the kindy, inside and out!