Saturday, August 3, 2013

Yay! It's kindy time again! Term 3 is underway.

What a dilemma we had when one of our balls got stuck up a tree this week. Trying to get it down took the best part of half an hour while all sorts of implements and strategies were experimented with. We were very impressed with the persistence and perseverance that went into solving this problem. Finally Taye got it down using the other end of the rake! - After 2 more balls had got stuck up there in the process!!!

Dancing is still very popular even without our good friend Adrian ( our community artist-dancer) however his legacy remains with the most requested dance music being 'Party Rockers'!!!

When Christina went to Australia these holidays she spotted this really interesting book and Imogen was inspired to recreate some of the images!

A blast from the past - listening to  a storytime story on a TAPE! It's much better if you listen lying down!!

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